Monthly Archives: October, 2005

Touch My Child Again And Die

  I remember writing this a little over a year ago. I remember the angst I felt over the whole “friend” situation in the community in which we were living. And then today as I was driving around, I realized how free I feel now. Certainly the change in geography has helped that. I’m just …

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For Kathy

Everything Old Is New Again………… Some stuff I’ve posted on other forums. Maybe someone here can identify or relate…… Written and submitted May 4, 2004 Five years and roughly eight months ago I called a virtual stranger on the phone. I had heard her name through her son, with whom I worked previously. He had …

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I’m Definitely Not Smart Enough For The Job

Just Your Average Five Year Old So DP says to me from the backseat of the car yesterday as we were heading out of the driveway, “A nut is cool because it has the shell around it to protect and then it has this little layer of skin around it too”. And I nodded in …

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The Art Of Being

Crazy busy day. DP talking in my ear before I even opened my eyes. Ah, it’s never too early in the morning to tattle. Canned more applesauce from the apples from the gleaning group. Started baking tomatoes for baked tomato marinara sauce. Started cooking apples and water for apple butter. Apple butter is the weekend …

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Every Journey Begins With The First Step. Be gentle; this was my first time

So this is how it starts. I think I got the secret handshake. Hope I remember the password. Nevermind. Long day. It would appear young Master Hayden is on a campaign to make me lose my mind by noon tomorrow. Jeff’s out of town helping my mother move to KY. I’m sure I’ll understand that …

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The Diary of a Not So Ordinary Boy

My world, its ups and downs


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Talking Math with Your Kids

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The Never Say Never Home Schooler

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