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Bye, Bye Voice Of Doubt……at least for now

Good day: turned DP loose on the Valentine’s Day cookies and let her cut them out and frost them. Was it hard for me to just let her do everything? No, not at all. Now, if I had any kind of control issues or if I wanted things “just so” it could have been a …

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Today I Remember first written Summer ’04

Five years and roughly eight months ago I called a virtual stranger on the phone. I had heard her name through her son, with whom I worked previously. He had told me that his mom, “worked to make sure that little kids in our town with disabilities got the help they needed”. So on that …

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The Eight-Hour Blood Draw……first written Summer 2004

Well I don’t know what the rest of you did today for fun but we put our kidthrough an 8 hour blood draw. No simple stick for us, no sireeeeeee.I’m so frustrated I could spit. And of course it’s not just me who’sfrustrated, it’s also the 4 year old sister with sensory integration issues, thehusband …

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Help! We’re Homeschooling!

I CAN’T TALK WITH MY MOUTH FULL! OR….”THE CONFESSIONS OF A HOME-SCHOOLING MOM WHO EATS HER WORDS” I am a home-schooling mom. We are a home-schooling family. Even now, mid way through year number two of this journey those words still get hitched in my throat when I profess it. “Why?” you ask. As you …

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Liar, Liar Pants On Fire & Tattoo Girl

So finally after six months of being without a care provider for Hayden, we found one. After fits-and-starts with Care Provider Agency #2 (after Care Provider Agency #1 provided nothing and no one since the end of July), they brought someone by for me to meet. I should say right now (in beautifully crystal-clear, living-technicolor …

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Hello Again

Hello Again…long time no post. Just figuring out how this new blog configuration. Think I lost my old stuff. O well.Well, I’ll just make this a test run. Is this thing on?? Hello? Hello?

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