Monthly Archives: March, 2007

It IS Enough…..Or Is It?

I think I should whiplash by today (Fri. afternoon) for all the homeschool-curriculum debating that’s been going on in my head this week (as in the amount of). The primary question: “Is it enough? Am I doing enough?” On one shoulder the homeschool-mentor-in-my-mind is saying, “Yes, remember it’s all baby steps. Every worksheet, every minute …

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Diary of Days

I know I’m tired by 7:30 or 8 at night. Every night. No, let me clarify that. I know by 7:30 or 8 every night as we’re putting the kids to bed that I feel like I’ve been pulled through a hole backwards. “But why?”, I ask myself? “What did I do today?” In an …

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Just Your Average Conversation With Your Average Seven Year Old

These are the things you hope as a parent that you’ll never forget but you know you will. I mean this life, these conversations I have w/ DP are just amazing. Frustrating at time. Mind-blowing (and I DO mean in the LSD sense of the phrase) and mind-numbing. But you can’t tell me that seven …

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Hangin’ Out In Normal-Land

This is a brag-blog. Let’s get this straight right away. I’m so proud I could pop. No, that’s not it. I’ts not pride I’m feeling, it’s more like wonderment and awe, not that I didn’t think we’d ever get to “here” but it’s just when we finally got “here”, I wanted to pinch myself to …

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