The Meltdown Hangover

  We all hit the wall last night.  Hard.  Emotional DISregulation is highly overrated.  I envy the parents of kids who have “just” AS.  “Just Asperger’s”.  I wish.  The last thing I want to do is use this forum as a bully pulpit or to dishonor my daughter in anyway.  She IS amazing in so many ways; she is SO talented, SO smart, SO caring of others.  We’re just in a season right now of getting our butts kicked by eleven plus years of regulating everything FOR her and now we as a family are learning how to teacher her how to regulate herself.  It’s hard like the sun is hot.  We’re turning around a mighty big ship and we’re only a couple of tugboats.  Last night the tugboats pushed and pulled as hard as they could but couldn’t budge the mighty vessel. One of the tugs just went off like a fireboat.  (betcha can’t guess who that was, can ya???!!)

  Today everyone’s on eggshells.  I knitted while watching the USA women’s soccer team fall to Japan and I think that’s all the exhertion I can muster.  Thankful the husband took daughter to the park for awhile.  Can’t wait for bed to put this day to bed.


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