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Thank You Hayden

To My Dear Sweet Hayden, You are now a mighty young man of 13, and before life gets even crazier than it already has, I just wanted to write you a note to say thank you.  Thank you for being you.  Thank you for being my son.  I’m horribly insecure, having spent most of my …

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Your Unborn Baby Can’t Wait To Meet You

It’s almost the end of October, which means it’s almost the end of Down Syndrome Awareness Month (or if you’re like my 11 year old daughter who’s been waiting for three months, it’s almost Halloween–a day I think is more about the “hype” for her than the actual day….but that’s another post).  Before my feeble …

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An Overdue Dose Of Humility

Do you ever read something or hear something and wonder, “Did I hear that right?  Did he/she meant to say that?”.  Well, this morning I received what felt like a sharp rebuke from a friend, not necessarily a close friend, but someone with whom I’m certainly friendly and with whom I have regular contact.  It was …

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Nothing To Prove And All The Time In The World To Prove It

  For National Down Syndrome Awareness Month there are all kinds of blogs and essays written FAR better than anything you’ll ever see here, spouting the accomplishments and feats of people of all ages who have Down syndrome (the extra chromosome on the 21st gene that’s also called Trisomy 21).  I LOVE that people are …

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The Ironman

  One of the things I celebrate during National Down Syndrome Awareness Month is Hayden’s strength.  He’s 13 now and Jackie Chan has nothing on how he can instantly turn you inside out with a quick twist of a finger (he pretends he just wants to hold your hand and then WAAAHHH, he’s twisting your finger …

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Axl Is In The House

  Thanks to a friend of mine who shares my passion for the tv show “Everybody Loves Raymond”, we are now completely hooked on Patricia Heaton’s new show called “The Middle”.  “How can I possibly love anything as much as much as “Raymond”?” I protested, but she promised me I would love it, and love …

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Hayden Teaches Us To Read

  It must have been when Hayden was between one and two years old when we became acutely aware that Hayden was very decidedly choosing whom he liked and didn’t like.  He had probably been giving us signals all along, but we have cognitive delays and can be a bit slow in our learning so it took us awhile …

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Perfect From The Start

  One of the first major principles that I learned in the first few weeks of being Hayden’s mom was what it means to be perfect.  I mean, here we were bringing home from the hospital what the world would call a “disabled” child, a “defective” baby.  (I would later learn that 90% of all …

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What Will The Neighbors Think?

  When you bring a baby home from the hospital, it’s totally natural for everyone in your life to want to know everything about that baby.  They want to be connected with you in your newly unfolding story and they are ready to celebrate your new joy with you  In our case, our friends and …

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Celebrating The Extra In October

  Today marks the beginning of Down Syndrome Awareness Month, so it only seems fitting that in honor of Hayden, I should try to recount the very first moment that I became “aware” of Down syndrome in my life.  Be patient, it’s a wild ride, but I remember it vividly.   As I was driving …

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