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No bones about it, a home schooling "aha" moment

  EWWWWW!!  Probably not the kind of image you’re expecting to see from a vegetarian-tree-hugging-conservative-home-schooling blog I’m sure!  Well there’s probably more weird stuff you’ll see here too…….But anyway, to the point of this post:  These are beef bones, probably from some poor cow’s leg (now how’s he gonna win that limbo contest?).  I picked …

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You Can’t Take Over My Life Greta…Oh Wait, Of COURSE You Can!

Yesterday around mid-morning I discovered my Yahoo! e-mail account had been hacked.  Great, just great.  Which means all seven of my contacts had been sent some message containing only a web address for some smarmy website showing monkey porn or 338 ways you can use ________ to make your man happy forever.  Whatever.  I’ll leave …

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Why I’ll NEVER Read A Home Schooling Blog Again, or How Breeding Unicorns With Llamas Will Make The World A Better Place

This is a post for home schoolers. Man, woman, duck, I don’t care. But if you don’t home school, feel free to leave now because chances are you won’t relate what I’m about to describe.  Trust me, you won’t want to. We’ve been homeschooling for seven years now (stab me with a fork, I can’t …

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Oh, So THIS Is Where You Go To Not Be A Parent Anymore

Just now I was cleaning up my in-box and I found a post that I had made to the L.A. Down syndrome group a few months ago.  I’m pasting it here so people who don’t have kids with disabilities might get a taste of some of the mind-numbing conversations we as parents who do have …

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This One’s For You Systems-Change Lady……

  This past week I posted on Facebook about about a comment that a speaker made at a meeting that we had just attended that night.  The meeting topic was systems change as it relates to the disability community and at some point the subject of social media came up and she made the (what …

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Clearing The Air

  In recent weeks I’ve been posting more on Facebook, because there’s been a lot more going on in our lives and there’s actually something TO post, and I’ve probably posted it to FB rather than here because FB is like a highway and people will stop and stare no matter what’s on the side …

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A Month’s Worth Of Posts In One…..

 So this morning I decided I wanted to put some of my most recent posts from Facebook in one place (some of the posts have references to photos that aren’t listed here and that’s why).  I didn’t know the best way to play this, so I just listed them from the first of the writing …

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