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Another post where I realize I’m the one with challenges

I’m beginning to realize that my life is really just a series of long held beliefs colliding with reality.  Sometimes the collisions are messy, but if I shut up long enough, good things usually come from the wreckage. You know why they call it “Challenger Baseball”?  Because it challenges your long-held beliefs.  Because it makes …

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Home Schooling: WAY smarter than the system

I ran across this article today and I just couldn’t pass it up.  Okay, in the spirit of full disclosure, this article was dumped in my cyber-lap via my news feed on Facebook (yes, I’m one of those relics who still uses FB) and me being me (remember me not being able to recognize an …

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Faster than you can say trisomy 21, everything changes

I won’t pretend to have the corner of the market on perspective.  In fact most of the time my perspective is pretty off-base, usually focused squarely on moi.  But yesterday morning I was jolted back to reality when I heard the tragic news that one of “our” kids with Down syndrome had passed away in …

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My All Star Moms List

Today I saw a headline titled “Forbes Magazine All Star Moms List”, and since I wouldn’t know an original idea if it slapped me upside my head (if you read my last post you know this, or if you know me at all you already know this to be true), I thought, “what a great …

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Autism parents stealing blog ideas while throwing Molotov cocktails at each other

I read a tweet this morning asking parents of kids with Autism (which I will from now on refer to as “autism parents” because it’s way less wordy and I’ll give you, the reader, the benefit of the doubt that you’ll know I’m not implying that it’s autistic parents I’m referring to (and yes I …

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Juggling On Planet Sensory

I’ve always wondered what it would look like to run a nanny cam on my life…..what am I, INSANE?  NO ONE in their right mind (which I have never advertised to own) wants one of those wretched things.  But if I DID jump off the deep end one day and you were watching it, it …

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Sparkling At Two In The Morning

I think I have a Hello Kitty problem and they say that admitting you have a problem is the first step…….  Well, not exactly a Hello Kitty problem….I mean who could have a problem with Hello Kitty right?  Doesn’t just thinking of Hello Kitty make you smile?  See?  Point made.  No, my problem is that …

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The Diary of a Not So Ordinary Boy

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The Never Say Never Home Schooler

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