Stabby Spork Alert

Here’s a really nicely written blog in response to yesterday’s arm-chair diagnosis of James Holmes, by Joe Scarborough.  Please read “Diary Of A Mom”‘s blog here and then come back:

Wasn’t that nicely put?  She was succinct and spot-on, without being overly emotional in a ranty, stabby kind of way.  Ya, this blog entry is going to be entirely different.  VERY stabby.

I am SO SICK of so-called “journalists” and people with celebrity taking pot shots at kids (and grown ups) with disabilities and making them the scape goat for society’s tragedies and maladies.   I stopped watching Bill Maher when he made fun of kids with Down syndrome, and  50 Cent felt the full force of the autism community a couple of weeks ago when he thought he’d be funny at the expense of kids with autism on his Twitter feed.  Not that this WASPy woman from the PNW is anywhere near 50Cent’s demographic, but even if I was, hello?  Have you read the lyrics to his trash??  Yikes.  I took three showers after I read them (and nearly every “song” has the same Triple X theme).  ANYWAY, today I’m still seething over what MSNCBC’s Joe Scarborough said yesterday morning on live television.  If you missed it for some reason, or you don’t have a child with a disability, you might not know that Scarborough diagnosed the Aurora theater gunman as being “somewhere on the autism spectrum” (read more here:   I think it’s even more offensive to me because I WAS a journalist.  I did report on all kinds of news but I sure as __________ (insert your own bowling-words here) NEVER speculated on the motives of any arsonists, shooters or bank robbers.  I thought I was just supposed to report on what happened.  I guess I was just too stupid to know I was supposed to offer reasons for every one of society’s tragedies.

Where do you get off Mr. Scarborough conducting a complex medical, psychological and psychiatric diagnosis on live television in the span of five seconds?  You don’t, that’s the answer.  I don’t want your hollow “I apologize if I offended someone” garbage.  I want your job.  You who are on television everyday; entertainers and celebrities, and those who live in the limelight, are held to a higher standard and you know it.  You have a much greater responsibility to be decent and thoughtful, but you Mr. Scarborough are obviously not up to the task.

I don’t care that you may be, as some have said, the father of a child with autism.  That gives you NO right to diagnosis another human being. Ever.   As a mom of two kids with disabilities I am in CONSTANT contact with other parents, some of whom have strong suspicions that their child may be on the spectrum.  I’ve been in disability for nearly 14 years, six of which have been in autism, and I NEVER, EVER tell a parent that their child (young or old) is on the spectrum.  I encourage them to research for themselves and if they’re interested in learning more I may suggest some clinicians in their area who can help them further, but it’s not my JOB to diagnose another human being and it’s sure not your job buddy.  Do us all a favor and take your ignorance home and turn it into something useful, like learning how to maximize your own child’s strengths and potential, because you’re sure not serving the greater good spreading lies and ignorant innuendo.


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