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Special Needs Adoption

Before National Adoption Awareness Month slips away, I want to end this month’s blog with a few words on special needs adoptions (but I won’t stand on ceremony; you’ll hear more from me on this issue throughout the year). This is by FAR the number one question people ask me and it’s usually phrased like …

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Do You Speak “Adoption”?

A couple of posts ago I said that adoptive families have more in common with typical families than we have things that are different. By and large this is true, but (there’s ALWAYS a “but” isn’t there?!), there are some unique feelings, conversations, or processes that we as adoptive families DO need to address in …

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I Believe

I Believe……. Hurting people hurt. How you treat others (your parents, your siblings, the check-out lady at the grocery store, the librarian, your child’s sports coach) says everything about how you feel about yourself and nothing about the other person. Think about that for a minute. Are you condescending with the wait staff at the …

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Adopting Manners. It’s a “Good Thing”

Happy National Adoption Awareness Month! We are a proud and grateful adoptive family, and before this month gets away from entirely, I wanted to highlight some things you may or may not be aware of when it comes to adoptive families. By and large adoptive families are exactly like every other family whose children came …

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The Bubble You Can’t See

Here’s today’s BIG revelation: sometimes people make mistakes. Aren’t you glad you found this gold mine of pearls of wisdom in the blogosphere? Someone very recently made a HUGE mistake with one of my kids. I put up a blog post about it, but then I took it down because I thought that it might …

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“What Thanksgiving Is All About”, by Charlie Brown

So I got to thinking today, “What IS Thanksgiving all about, anyway?” While it’s a decidedly American holiday and celebration, it’s really about giving thanks, which I’m pretty sure is a cross-cultural all-human being kind of thing. I was thinking about that first round of European settlers and the stories of how they celebrated their …

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Bump In The Road

Last Monday we found out that Hayden has to have another surgery because the ear canal that was just surgically enlarged closed in on itself….and around the surgical packing material that’s deep inside his ear canal. Not a good thing. So back to surgery we go. Tomorrow at 6am. NOT looking forward to this. When …

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