The Gift Of Time

I survived this week.   Sometimes that’s all you can say, and being able to say even that is sometimes something to celebrate in itself.  It’s been a WEEK., but as I sit here writing this in the car at the park (it’s too cold to get out of the car………welcome to Spring in the High Country), I am so grateful and thankful to say that I have the afternoon “off” from one of my kids, as she’s at some friends’ house for the afternoon (or till when they choose to return her).
We read a lot about how parents with kids of autism need services and supports for their kids, and they, I mean, WE do.  But what my husband and I need more than ANYthing is time off from autism, even if it’s just for the afternoon.  And it sounds so easy doesn’t it?  I mean when you’re on the “normal” ship cruising the Sea Of Life your kids go to birthday parties, soccer games, study groups and just regular ol’ playing-with-friends on the weekends.  They can skate or bike to their friends’ houses and be gone for hours at a time without hardly any coordination or effort on your part and with virtually no drama (or so I hear).  But here on the ship where not one minute of the day is normal, finding appropriate play dates and friends who are willing and able to take your kids for hours at a time is often nearly impossible.
Fortunately, my daughter is with a family today who is heavily involved in Special Olympics (and I think the mom’s brother or uncle with whom she was raised, has developmental disabilities, so this mom lives in the world of disability and is very comfortable and accepting of our daughter), so I don’t think there’s anything she can throw at them that would catch them off guard (I only hope this isn’t the first and last visit with them!!….kinda nervous about that thought)..  It also helps that this mom is very laid back (she’s the mom of three boys; there’s only so much you can get all worked up about before your head explodes, usually by 9am), so I have confidence that things are going to be okay.  And did I mention the dad of the family is a cop?  Oh ya, dropping your Aspie off (who challenges EVERYONE’S authority 27 hours a day) with somone who’s armed to the teeth and has handcuffs is MOST reassuring!!  Wonder if he’ll let me borrow them.  
I’m going to go enjoy some time to myself.  Almost.  My son is with me and so is my four legged 120 pound big black shadow in the far back of the truck.  But I”m almost alone and I’m counting that as a move in the right direction.

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