It’s hip to be brave


There’s been a lot of talk on social media and the news recently about the word “brave”.  Specifically it’s being used to describe a pro basketball player who’s recently publically stated that he’s gay.  For this he’s been declared “brave”.  Um, not so much.  Before you get your panties in a wad, this is not a blog about the morality of the homosexual lifestyle, although to be perfectly honest, I don’t CARE ONE WHIT if an athlete is gay or not.  I’m beginning to think I’m in the minority on this one, but when I’m watching sports on TV (and I love all sports) I am honestly not thinking about his/her sex life at ALL.  Weird, right??  It seems that the entire country is completely fixated on who/what the point guard, 2nd baseman, or outside lineman is sleeping with, while I carry on my little happy world of NOT CARING.  I’m just there to watch a good game, or if I’m watching men’s soccer, an Oscar Winning Performance Of A Man-Child Who Gets Bumped And Then Falls Down To The Ground In A Blubbering Heap Of Tears.  But now we’ve all been forced to “care” because the news of this athlete (a guy who’s been in the NBA for 12 years that no one’s ever heard of) is being shoved down our throats so now the whole subject has entered my consciousness (consisting of six brain cells), and so I’ll just keeping thinking about this till it’s out of my head.
It doesn’t make you brave because you want to have sex with someone of your gender.  There, I’ve said it.  It just doesn’t.  You may hold the very powerful belief that you were born that way, but believing you are or aren’t of a sexual persuasion doesn’t make you brave.  Here’s my list of what makes a person brave, in no particular order:
*Brave is the mom and dad we know who found out early on in her pregnancy that their baby was going to be born with A LOT of medical issues, starting with the brain and going from there.  They kept the baby and gave birth to her against all the advice of ALL the prenatal experts. They went on to have two sons after that.  She never spoke a word.  She never walked.  She was medically involved ALL HER LIFE. When she passed away a few years ago, they had to change the venue of the memorial service to the largest church in their city to hold everyone who came from ALL OVER to be there.   Countless people stood up and talked about how knowing Abby had changed them and that they were by FAR better people for having known her.  Bravery is telling “the medical experts” that you’re not going to abort your baby because it may have problems and then taking that baby home and parenting her like nobody’s business every single day of her life.
*Brave is our son who has never ONCE flinched, whined, or cried as he’s been led away to yet another surgery.  NEVER ONCE.
*Brave is every single fireman in America who walks into the burning building.  Yes, they are highly trained, yes they are VERY educated on everything fire-related.  But underneath it all, they are incredibly brave.
*Brave is every single policeman/woman.  From tiny three-people departments in tiny little towns to the Chicago Police Department which is losing the battle against evil on the streets these days.  Brave are their families who literally don’t know from day to day whether they’ll see their spouse/parent again after they walk out the front door.
*Brave is every single enlisted soldier or officer serving in the military.  Everyday they are willing to die for me.  I am NOT worthy.
*Brave is the serviceman/woman who comes back from serving a tour with only part of their body.  They come back and put their lives back together as best as they can.  One day at a time.  One prosthetic at a time.  They conquer their demons everyday all because they chose to serve this country.
*Brave are the people who live through horrific accidents and diseases and don’t let those circumstances define them.  They press on, they gather up the pieces of their lives and what’s left of their physical bodies, and they move forward with grace.
*Brave are the Boston Marathon terrorism victims whose lives will never be the same, but who refuse to lose hope.
*Brave are the thousands of American students with disabilities who are victimized and abused in schools EVERY SINGLE DAY in this country.  They endure a level of physical and psychological abuse that is unprecedented.  THIS should be making national headlines.  If our society truly cared about every child, it would.
These are just a few of my thoughts and examples of bravery.  What are yours?


  1. Sara Dunlap

    Not True!! I do read every single posting in your blog!!!

    • It’s funny that you just saw that now! Or is it that you’re just now commenting on it? Whichever…..just tongue-in-check, poetic license!! Remember half of what you read is exaggerations and the other half is lies! Not me of course, I NEVER lie. Truly.

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