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@*&%#!!!!% WordPress!!! You’re Killing Me Here

I’d like to say a word about this blog (and my other one at and why you might be finding so many typos, misplaced commas, etc……  I am having EPIC issues with WordPress:  the app is virtually useless in that it doesn’t allow you to make ANY changes once you’ve typed anything onto the …

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   Encouraging words.  Oh how I OFTEN forget to use them as a parent.  Oh, SO often.  I’m really trying to turn things around with my daughter’s perception of life.  I think often with ANY child, it’s easy to get in a cycle of “have you done this yet?”, “did you do your chores?”, “have …

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The Diary of a Not So Ordinary Boy

My world, its ups and downs


A Holistic Site for ALL Paws is the best place for your personal blog or business site.

Talking Math with Your Kids

Because children enjoy using their minds

The Never Say Never Home Schooler

A home school blog written by someone who NEVER, EVER thought she'd home school. This ain't your mama's idea of home schooling, but the kids are learning despite me!


Fun Learning Resouces for Kids


When will we ever learn?: Common sense and nonsense about today's public schools in America.

Left Coast Dad 2 Two

I Control The Remote When No One Else Is Home