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The Screen Actors Guild Should Be So Lucky

October is winding down and much of the attention that the disability community is currently putting on Down Syndrome for the purpose of educating and empowering the general public will shift to some other worthy cause that deserves advocacy and systems change. But before the curtain closes entirely, I want to bring out onto the …

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Where’s Chuck Woolery When You Need Him?

“John and Susan Smith you’ve just won a brand new baby!! Come on DOWN!!” A game show announcer excitedly booms from the middle of the stage, “Charlie, tell them what they’ve won!”, the game show host adds. So John and Susan walk excitedly to the stage, carrying a little bundle wrapped in blankets, unsure exactly …

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Special Needs Adoption

Before National Adoption Awareness Month slips away, I want to end this month’s blog with a few words on special needs adoptions (but I won’t stand on ceremony; you’ll hear more from me on this issue throughout the year). This is by FAR the number one question people ask me and it’s usually phrased like …

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Do You Speak “Adoption”?

A couple of posts ago I said that adoptive families have more in common with typical families than we have things that are different. By and large this is true, but (there’s ALWAYS a “but” isn’t there?!), there are some unique feelings, conversations, or processes that we as adoptive families DO need to address in …

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Adopting Manners. It’s a “Good Thing”

Happy National Adoption Awareness Month! We are a proud and grateful adoptive family, and before this month gets away from entirely, I wanted to highlight some things you may or may not be aware of when it comes to adoptive families. By and large adoptive families are exactly like every other family whose children came …

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The Diary of a Not So Ordinary Boy

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