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Is It Too Late To Give Up Grief For Lent?

You KNow You’re In The Grief Cycle When…… You’re talking to your bff on the phone (thank you GOD for free long distance) and you find yourself tearing up because you realize in the middle of the conversation where you’re trying to recount the frustration that has been the past 48 hours, that you’re grieving …

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Juggling On Planet Sensory

I’ve always wondered what it would look like to run a nanny cam on my life…..what am I, INSANE?  NO ONE in their right mind (which I have never advertised to own) wants one of those wretched things.  But if I DID jump off the deep end one day and you were watching it, it …

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No bones about it, a home schooling "aha" moment

  EWWWWW!!  Probably not the kind of image you’re expecting to see from a vegetarian-tree-hugging-conservative-home-schooling blog I’m sure!  Well there’s probably more weird stuff you’ll see here too…….But anyway, to the point of this post:  These are beef bones, probably from some poor cow’s leg (now how’s he gonna win that limbo contest?).  I picked …

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Bye, Bye Voice Of Doubt……at least for now

Good day: turned DP loose on the Valentine’s Day cookies and let her cut them out and frost them. Was it hard for me to just let her do everything? No, not at all. Now, if I had any kind of control issues or if I wanted things “just so” it could have been a …

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The Diary of a Not So Ordinary Boy

My world, its ups and downs


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Talking Math with Your Kids

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The Never Say Never Home Schooler

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