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Holding Patterns

  Holding patterns. Aren’t they great? Nearly everyone us has been in one if we’ve traveled by air more than once in our lives. Have you ever seen people disembark from the plane after they’ve been in a holding pattern? Aren’t they all like, “Wow, that was such a great time up there-we were getting …

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Blank Space

They say that the number one rule in blogging is to not use it as a diary.  A diary is a diary and a blog is a blog, never the two shall meet. I’ve been a horrible blogger and even worse at keeping any kind of a diary. Every time I think of writing (which …

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I Get It Now

261 days but who’s counting? That’s 375,840 minutes for those of you who are into that sort of thing. Obviously my compulsive tendencies take me right down that road, but all roads lead to the fact that my dad is still gone. This is one of the longer trips he’s taken in my life. Growing …

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Flashback Friday; A Mixed Bag

Bittersweet Flashback Friday to four years ago: We were just about to leave our precious Berg-By-The-Sea in L.A.’s SouthBay to fulfill a request from the hubs’ parents to live closer to them (turned out to be living with them for awhile). These photos are from our girl-child’s last adaptive soccer game she played, not two …

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Grief: The Worst BFF In The History Of BFFs

I haven’t written in months. My dad died in September. If you’ve ever been on this journey you know it feels like five minutes ago, or at least I do. It feels like I just found out this second and instantaneously I began my free fall into the total blackness of outer space, known as Grief, …

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Yep, It’s Been Three And A Half Years

Life spoiler alert: We never get to choose our circumstances. It sounds like something you’d see on a Blue Mountain Arts greeting card painted in calming blue watercolors. There would be a brook or a stream cutting through a fresh Spring meadow with a jagged mountain range in the background, and if by magic by …

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Because Of You

(Originally written on our son Hayden’s 17th birthday, August 31, 2015, but not posted till September 20, 2015) Dear Hayden, You are 17 today and I can’t help but think what a journey we’ve been on so far. We’ve taken roads I hadn’t expected, and some I would have never chosen for you, but you …

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The Sharp Edges of Mother’s Day

In America Mother’s Day, which is a week from this Sunday, is kind of a big deal, no doubt driven by the greeting card companies, florists and major retailers. That’s not to say that I don’t think mothers (where ever you are in the world) shouldn’t be honored and celebrated that day. And from a …

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The Storm We Would Have Never Chosen

This has been something that’s been rolling around in my head for the past few weeks, so I’m just going to put it out there. Sometimes it’s hard to know exactly when to express what’s on my heart; I want to be sensitive to those around me and at the same time heed that small …

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The Other “R” Word

Today you might have seen this splashed across various social media outlets. I think it’s pretty safe to say that anyone who would call themselves my personal friend probably doesn’t use the “R” word, or if they have in my presence, they’ve been corrected. It happens, I move on. It’s an ugly, ugly word that …

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