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Don’t Mind Me And My Box…….

There is poignancy in grief. Well duh, Captain Obvious. My work here is done! Back on track…………………..The Merriam Webster Dictionary defines as poignant: *painfully affecting the feelings *piercing, cutting *pervasive Grief. It’s expanding my working vocabulary if nothing else. It certainly isn’t helping my ability to express myself coherently. I can’t pretend to comprehend all …

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No Time, No Miracles

365 Days of Miracles As I’ve been reflecting on 2018 (read: I’ve been hoping and wishing it would disappear along with all of its epic drama and challenges) I’ve been thinking a lot about miracles. 2018 was a year of miracles. 2018 was a year. Boy was it a YEAR. I mean it was a …

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Down Syndrome Brings The Miracles

On this last day of Down Syndrome Awareness month I am reminded of how grateful I am for the kindness of strangers, on which we rely so very much. Today H and I needed to go to an area hospital to drop off some hand knits at the NICU, only to find out when we …

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The Miracles Behind Closed Doors

I snapped a photo awhile back when I took my daughter shopping and she was trying on clothes in the dressing room.  It was a photo of the dressing room door. Already, in that first sentence there are at least two miracles I’d like to highlight for you; one being that we were out shopping …

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Why That Perfect Social Media Post Might Not Be Such A Lie Afterall, or How I Resigned My Job As Judgy McJudgerson

Haven’t we all seen those posts on social media where the mom and dad with the perfectly coiffed hair posing with their perfectly behaved children, all sporting million watt smiles standing on some perfect beach, or at the top of some mountain they’ve just climbed and have wanted to wretch? I mean “COME. ON. PEOPLE. …

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Holding Patterns

  Holding patterns. Aren’t they great? Nearly everyone us has been in one if we’ve traveled by air more than once in our lives. Have you ever seen people disembark from the plane after they’ve been in a holding pattern? Aren’t they all like, “Wow, that was such a great time up there-we were getting …

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Blank Space

They say that the number one rule in blogging is to not use it as a diary.  A diary is a diary and a blog is a blog, never the two shall meet. I’ve been a horrible blogger and even worse at keeping any kind of a diary. Every time I think of writing (which …

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I Get It Now

261 days but who’s counting? That’s 375,840 minutes for those of you who are into that sort of thing. Obviously my compulsive tendencies take me right down that road, but all roads lead to the fact that my dad is still gone. This is one of the longer trips he’s taken in my life. Growing …

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Flashback Friday; A Mixed Bag

Bittersweet Flashback Friday to four years ago: We were just about to leave our precious Berg-By-The-Sea in L.A.’s SouthBay to fulfill a request from the hubs’ parents to live closer to them (turned out to be living with them for awhile). These photos are from our girl-child’s last adaptive soccer game she played, not two …

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Grief: The Worst BFF In The History Of BFFs

I haven’t written in months. My dad died in September. If you’ve ever been on this journey you know it feels like five minutes ago, or at least I do. It feels like I just found out this second and instantaneously I began my free fall into the total blackness of outer space, known as Grief, …

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