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Bump In The Road

Last Monday we found out that Hayden has to have another surgery because the ear canal that was just surgically enlarged closed in on itself….and around the surgical packing material that’s deep inside his ear canal. Not a good thing. So back to surgery we go. Tomorrow at 6am. NOT looking forward to this. When …

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Faster than you can say trisomy 21, everything changes

I won’t pretend to have the corner of the market on perspective.  In fact most of the time my perspective is pretty off-base, usually focused squarely on moi.  But yesterday morning I was jolted back to reality when I heard the tragic news that one of “our” kids with Down syndrome had passed away in …

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So Much Rejection, So Little Time

Three years and three months into this wilderness with God, this grand experiment and trial of my sanity of living back “home” with my family in the NW (except for my mother who up and moved to KY three months after we arrived.  Hmmmm, a tell-tale sign of things to come, you think??) has done …

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The Best Of: Three years & three months gives me the feeling of being fully human for the first time

*Went into Costco looking for food, came out with a friend for life *Two SeaFair Parades *Baby octupi on Owens Beach *I finally found Jesus after a lifetime of religion *Watching Korean pastors in Kona get rocked by God’s love *Mt. Rainier *Beaches at lowtide *Dog parks *DP’s best friend *Waiting for Meerkats *Freedom into …

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The Diary of a Not So Ordinary Boy

My world, its ups and downs


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