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Chef Jack’s Corn Chowder

I’m posting this recipe here because I’ve had a lot of requests for it since I posted it on my Instagram account.  To be honest, this recipe is not particularly innovative or demanding of a specialized cooking technique, it’s just a solid, basic chowder recipe that any home cook could create for himself/herself.  What I …

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Right On The Mark

        It would be hard to get through National Down Syndrome Awareness Month without talking about how grateful we are for the medical team in our lives.  You see, Hayden just had major surgery last Friday and is still recovering, so I’m especially grateful for the doctor, nurses, the anesthesiologist, and the …

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You’re Not That Special

Well isn’t that just a cheerful little title?  If you’re not already offended, read on, you probably will be by the end!! I think about this topic a lot because I hear this phrase A LOT:  “Wow, I could never do what you do (raising a child(ren) with special needs);  God really knew what He …

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The Day Hayden Was Born, I Mean Really Born

Today marks the first day of October which, to a small percentage of us parents, also marks the first day of  National Down Syndrome Awareness Month!!   I will probably get into the more technical science of what exactly Trisomy 21 is in a later blog post, but for now I want to focus on our …

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Psalm In One Hand, Spork In The Other

Early September 2012 Everywhere I look it seems I’m getting reports of home schooling in full swing, whether it’s on some “happy home schooling” blog showing off her kids wearing matching play outfits as they happily write at their desks which are in front of picture windows through which the mid morning sun is streaming …

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I don’t even know what to say

Dear Developmental Disabilities Council,   I just wanted to take a moment to thank you so much for erasing in one “fell swoop” our daughter’s developmental disabilities associated with her autism diagnosis.  The  intake worker at our local DD office told my husband and me this afternoon that she does not qualify for DD services …

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What I Like About You

Here we are smack dab in the middle of summer, and unless you’re living up in the Northwest part of the United States or Canada, or Alaska, you’re baking.  I’m trying really hard not to whine and complain in front of the kids because I don’t want to hear them whine and complain, but this …

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It is what you make it

Because I was apparently standing in line for the crazy-wacked-out- life, I’m never bored.  Our latest adventure has been to move from three states away to live WITH my in-laws.  I think the conversation a couple of months ago went something like this, “Hey honey, you know our lease is up in a couple of …

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My All Star Moms List

Today I saw a headline titled “Forbes Magazine All Star Moms List”, and since I wouldn’t know an original idea if it slapped me upside my head (if you read my last post you know this, or if you know me at all you already know this to be true), I thought, “what a great …

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Sparkling At Two In The Morning

I think I have a Hello Kitty problem and they say that admitting you have a problem is the first step…….  Well, not exactly a Hello Kitty problem….I mean who could have a problem with Hello Kitty right?  Doesn’t just thinking of Hello Kitty make you smile?  See?  Point made.  No, my problem is that …

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